The Nascent Group is a certified Black and Hispanic owned small business that continues to make an impact on the hospitality design, urban planning and business development worlds through projects focused on equal investment in humanity and bottom line profit.  We seek to influence worldwide industry behaviors by setting the example of success models and businesses that are inclusive, equitable and create reciprocity within communities through business strategy.

nas·cent – ˈnāsənt,ˈnasənt/

adjective: nascent (especially of a process or organization) just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential.

“the nascent space industry” – just beginning, budding, developing, growing, embryonic, incipient, young, fledgling “the nascent economic recovery”
From early 17th century: from Latin nascent- ‘being born,’ from the verb nasci .

When was the last time your senses led you to make a decision?

The Nascent Group focuses on design that rests on the psychology of senses. Touch, taste, smell, sight, sound. Back to the basics. Let us design a truly unique and bespoke experience for your guests which they will never be able to forget. Create a relationship that will flirt with them forever and compare anywhere else they go to you.

This is what sets The Nascent Group apart from the rest.

The rebirth of cool. Impactful design, flawless and timely execution. You have a vision, we want to watch it crest, hold its hand until it’s ready to make an impactful statement to the world.


Business Strategy & Acceleration

Bringing Nascent Business Ideas To Fruition Through Financial
Planning, Fundraising, Grant Writing PR & Marketing Support
Reconcepting Businesses in The Red To Be Financially Successful

Hospitality Design

Hotel & Restaurant Design, Planning, Project Management, Hiring, Onboarding, Leading Architectural & Interior Design

Urban Planning

Urban Design Strategies that Shape Communities around
Economic Impact, Inclusion, Arts & Culture, Sustainability & Tourism

Event Planning

Corporate, Product Launch , Festival and Fundraising Social Event Management

Space Planning Through Art Curation

Creating Catalytic economic Impact on Spaces Through Arts & Culture Infusion


The Stakeout on Outlaw Hill

The StAKEOUT A game changing reincarnation of an iconic Southwestern venue after years of dormancy. Moving away from basic venue norms, The Stakeout’s values are celebration of community, diversity, history and unmatched service. The space is dictated by its surroundings and adorned in original modern and traditional regional art. The comfortable sense of home is …

Hyatt Regency Chicago

BIG Bar This upscale, mezzanine-level lounge at Hyatt Regency Chicago offers the continent’s longest free-standing bar. And did we mention the views? At BIG Bar, relish in unparalleled views of downtown Chicago from floor-to-ceiling windows. American Craft Kitchen & Bar Locally sourced, farm-to-table cuisine and handcrafted beverages in an open-air setting. Slip away to the …