Chicago Bronzeville Project

4400 Bronzeville Project

The 4420 Cottage Grove Project will transform the corridor by elevating the restaurant experience into a collective gathering place focused not only on the food and beverage experience, but also focused on education or minority youth and offering residents and arts and culture programming.

The annual budget, created for the restaurant, projects revenues that support 32 full-time year-round employees for applicants that reside in designated developing Chicago corridors will be given preferential treatment to interview for positions.

The hospitality development program will commence with the operation taking student applicants from the NOF corridors through a 6 month intensive training program that will guide them through the hospitality operation offering practical hands on experience, with students graduating with the full knowledge of how to run a restaurant at an assistant manager level. Additionally, monthly programming such as financial responsibility and wellness, 401k match programs and mental and physical wellness will create a well rounded knowledge base to help team members grow in all aspects of life.

The Stakeout


In 2018, The Nascent Group and Lemon Creative combined to transform this historical space into a newer version of itself.
Restoring years of neglect, the original façade was repaired and brought back to its former glory.

The inside of the space was gutted and new additions of sustainable equipment, traditional Spanish tile flooring, and a stairwell that allows for roof access were installed. A controlled business model and careful SOP’s were created by The
Nascent Group for the space to ensure year round profitability which aided in its success despite the pandemic.

The goal of the project’s renovation was to modernize the building for curated private events while keeping the history of former outlaw tenants such as Dennis Hopper and Billy the Kid alive.

M Vacation Properties | Laguna Vista Resort

M Vacation Properties

In 2020, The Nascent Group began work with M Vacation properties to complete a complete city overhaul of the town of Eagle Nest, New Mexico. Aiming to rejuvenate a lost town amidst a pandemic proved to be a task that demanded authenticity, total town buy in and a completely new set of rules.

Creating a 5 year master plan that includes statewide driven tourism in conjunction with New Mexico True, Netflix film crews and a strong outdoor recreation business industrial model, the resort and town is already enjoying a new interest from new markets just by exploring strong social media and imagery based marketing.

Okpara House

Nigerian Culture House

In 2020, The Nascent Group began work with Obiora Nwazota, an architect from Nigeria, ỌKPARA HOUSE© is the long awaited second chapter in the exploration of Nigerian culture. Conceived from experiences garnered from Little Unicoco concept Restaurant, Nwazota’s first successful attempt at creating a culinary dining experience that elevated authentic Nigerian food culture.

ỌKPARA HOUSE© produces Igbo content through design objects, prints, and various media. Our mission at ỌKPARA HOUSE© is to harness the power of design, dialogue, and academic research as powerful agents to stimulate, reactive, elevate, and reimagine Igbo culture. Through this,

ỌKPARA HOUSE© is reclaiming and asserting the relevance of Igbo culture on contemporary lifestyles within and beyond the Igbo community.

Life 4 All

Serette B King Portfolio

In 2020, The Nascent Group began work with Life 4 All.

Life 4 All Inc. seeks to create a world where everyone can achieve health equality through providing affirming and culturally sensitive primary care and mental health referrals and resources, health prevention services, education, and community programming and events.


Serette B King Portfolio

In 2020, The Nascent Group began work with Relaunch. ReLaunch is
transforming accessibility to luxury while influencing the direction of
statementwear for all .

Inspired by the power of Ballroom Couture, ReLaunch’s unique
aesthetic is informed by a juxtaposition of high fashion and
underground subculture.

ReLaunch is redefining the rules of fashion whether its day, night or
luxury. Working from home or making impression face to face, in our
realm, there are no limits, no impossible combinations and luxury brand
dreams become everyday reality.

Tailored Stay

Online Grocery Delivery & Concierge Services for Vacation Rentals

Tailored Stay is a travel services company catering to guests of vacation rental properties in resort areas. Their dedicated team of Designers and Global Concierges will find you dream accommodations, reserve essential travel services—everything from pre-arrival grocery delivery, transportation, private chefs, and dinner reservations—and create a customized destination itinerary for you to experience
the best the world has to offer.

Tailored Stay is the difference between a memorable trip and an unforgettable one.

Tailored Stay prides itself on offering a personal touch so that every moment of your
travel is tailor-made.